About Us

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Coolibah Building and Design comprises of teams of skilled workers including carpenters, apprentices and labourers.

These teams of workers operate together to construct a finished product that both owner and builder will be proud of.

Working together with plumbers, plasterers, brick layers, concretors, electricians, painters and many other trades, the final result is always of the highest quality.

Who’s involved ? A dozen full time workers comprising of apprentices, carpenters and labourers.

Every worker is fully insured, for both injury and public liability.

Home Owners Warranty Insurance is needed for any job over $20,000 in value, and this cost varies depending on the value of the works.

Trades Used

  • Brick Layers
  • Plasterers
  • Concretors
  • Timber flooring company / polishing
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Painters
  • Roof Tilers
  • Wall and Floor Tiler
  • Renderers
  • Stone Mason
  • Landscaping / paving
  • Kitchen Fabricator
  • Glass Supplier
  • Material Suppliers

Coolibah Building & Design are a professional North Shore building company, offering premium services within the construction industry. We specialise in home additions and alterations, building and renovations, decks and pergolas, extensions and home improvements plus new homes in the North Shore area.

A magnificent house is a mark of magnificent taste. If your house is a part of your identity, why not make it as unique as yourself! The Coolibah team provides you with premium services in additions and alterations, building and renovations, decks and pergolas, extensions and home improvements.

Coolibah building is the way to your dream home. After all, your home is where your hard work shapes itself into a place of leisure, comfort, family and happiness. We are always glad to be a part of your family in its big investment and build you a home where you can make and keep memories.

What makes Coolibah

As home builders Sydney, we at Coolibah aim at using environmentally friendly building products wherever possible on all of the construction projects. This includes the use of plantation timbers, recycling of all brick concrete and waste, recycling of steel and aluminum, use of low energy electricals and recycling of waste timbers.

Several skilled workers (carpenters, apprentices and laborers) work together to create marvelous homes. The skilled workers are insured for injury and public liability. We ensure that those who take care of your abode are taken care of, in return.

Coolibah aims to play a strong and positive role in the housing industry and we aim to provide affordability, quality and choice for consumers.

Our Process

  • Education – We start by listening to your ideas, thoughts, specifications and needs and then offer our expertise in the making of your dream home.
  • Contracts and Permitting – We create custom set of plans and execute a sales agreement. We assemble the necessary construction documents and call you for a pre-construction meeting.
  • Structural and Exterior Construction – We install the footings and foundation walls. Your dream house gets a structure here.
  • Interior Construction – At this stage, you can ensure that the electrical and mechanical fittings are placed correctly and your property will be exactly as you imagined it.

Why choose us?

  • Use of environment friendly construction methods and recyclable materials
  • Custom made properties as per your specifications
  • Best quality at the best price
  • Timely completion of projects
  • Team of skilled workers, experienced architects and project managers who are licensed and insured
  • Easy accessibility over the phone or email
  • Innovative designs for smallest of places
  • Expert craftsmanship
  • Preview projects on our website to help you make a decision

Get your dream house constructed by the most trusted name in house building in Sydney. Contact us or call (02) 9477 1515 for a free consultation.